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Auto Dismantling

Auto Dismantling

One of the biggest issues facing the commercial auto dismantling and recycling business today is “illegal operators” throughout the USA.  As the price for scrap metal and recycled parts increases, so does the number of non-licensed and often uninsured dismantling, salvage and recycling operators goes up.  National and state recycling associations are working together to minimize and hopefully eliminate this business practice.  KBK Insurance has been underwriting and binding innovative dismantling policies for over a decade.

Understanding and Insuring Dismantling Operators

KBK Insurance Group’s experience in the overall commercial auto insurance business is far superior to most of the underwriting players in the dismantling and recycling industry.  Their heritage is tow truck and used car dealer risk exposures is a real advantage in knowing how to write auto dismantling risks.  Heavy duty cranes, recycling storage areas and delivery/ship-out logistics add to the complexity of daily operations and third-party risk challenges.  One area of specialty insurance support built into each KBK policy is the need for ongoing industry education and safety training.  These “value-add” qualities are what KBK’s management team refers to as their “Service First” business philosophy.

In this specific segment of commercial auto coverage, understanding the complexity of the Combined Single Limit (CSL) computation is must for all dismantling operators purchasing insurance. In short, CSL means: total liability due to bodily injury and property damage combined, as one single sum of coverage. KBK Insurance can customize coverages by both scope of coverage, policy limits and, in many cases, based on the specific needs of the operator client.  Major coverages are summarized on the right hand side of this page.   Call or email for more details on these unique coverage programs.

U.S. State Availability

KBK Insurance Group is licensed to write these commercial auto coverages in all U.S. States with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York.

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