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Auto Body Shop/Repair

Auto Body Shop/Repair

Finding the best insurance coverage for body shops and repair facilities is often more difficult than many owner/operators may perceive.  In addition to personnel exposures, insurance rates are impacted by many physical conditions in and around the body shop’s location.  Age of facility, currency of service repairs HVAC, waste storage, lift equipment, etc.) and proximity to crime areas or superfund sites, KBK Insurance has 15 years of experience in finding body shop coverages for its clients.

“Service First” Coverage for Those Who Service Vehicles

In the complex field of auto repair and service, finding the best fit for each facility is not a “one size fits all” evolution as each facility’s needs are different.  There are, of course, the normal business insurance needs such as general liability and property coverage.  It is the latter exposure that is of critical concern to insurers.  Facility age and condition, types and scope of service machinery, type or types of vehicles repaired on-site and frequency of facility standard maintenance all come into play when underwriting this specialty risk.  KBK’s team has highly-skilled underwriters who are well versed in the intricacies of these unique exposures.  Issues such as claim history can be a strong indicator of insurability and premium development.

The scope of body/repair shop risk exposures can, on occasion, also include used car sales, parts, towing, custom body detailing, state inspections and even convenience stores or gasoline sales.  In many operations, the business supports a combination of several service categories. This is one of the key reasons to choose KBK Insurance.  The scope of their commercial auto insurance can not only handle the small family-owned repair shop but also find broader coverages for larger, multi-purpose repair and body facilities.

U.S. State Availability

KBK Insurance Group is licensed to write these commercial auto coverages in all U.S. States with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York.

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