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Used Truck Dealers

Used Truck Dealers

Used truck sales in the U.S. can be located on stand-alone, used commercial truck lots or can be found at some used car operations that carry both cars and trucks.  The uniqueness and scope of used truck demand has also encouraged the growth of online truck sale portals.  KBK has work with used car dealers for over two decades.  Their recent entry into used truck dealers is a natural extension of their business skill sets.

Introducing “Service First” to Used Truck Dealers

KBK Insurance Group, as a recognized leader in commercial auto insurance products and services is “hitting the ground running” for the used truck dealers in all but six U.S. States.  Leveraging 25 years in business including 80% of those years finding coverages for used car dealers, KBK will be a welcome addition to this underserved commercial auto segment.  Very experienced underwriters can assess, rate and bind coverage for a variety of used truck policy options.

KBK Insurance deploys a very detailed application to understand the full scope of the exposure.  Details on flood plan proximity, type of lot security (physical and/or human/canine), number of dealership-owned service vehicles, escorted or non-escorted test drives, other than used truck inventories, etc.  The agency can provide a wide selection of truck dealer products and services such as the fundamental exposures of dealer liability, garage liability, dealers-open lot, personal injury and errors & omissions.  Additionally, KBK can find dealers cover for location-medical payments, uninsured motorists, drive-away collision, Federal odometer and property, in most cases.

U.S. State Availability

KBK Insurance Group is licensed to write these commercial auto coverages in all U.S. States with the exceptions of Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Hawaii.

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